• Logo design
  • Brand identity design
  • Packaging design

The watermelon seed co. is the latest venture of a company with solid experience in the superfood industry. Targeting sports oriented, health conscious women the company needed a brand identity and a packaging design that would help their products be immediately recognizable and stand out on the supermarkets’ shelves.

In the logo I have designed for them, watermelon seeds are placed to resemble a star or a firework. The mark symbolizes the energy that the brand’s simple, minimally or non processed snacks provide. The simple typography of the logotype in lowercase finally defines the brand as positive, true and approachable while feeling refined enough not to look low cost.

The watermelon seed co.’s first product lines where watermelon seeds in 2 sizes and 4 different flavours. Each flavour is carachterized by its own color, respectively watermelon red, sky blue, sunny day yellow, grass green. The colorful labels and pouches paired to the modern, elegant but approachable design contribute to the premium look and feel of the products.

“Felice – really great to work with.”

Samuel Victor

Founder @ The watermelon seed co.