• Logo design
  • Brand identity design
Innova is a new line of aligners and orthodontic devices that are taking the orthodontics industry by storm. The products are designed in Italy by pioneering experts working in the field from more than 20 years. Taking advantage of the latest 3d printing technology the people at L.T.O. created an aligner that can follow the patient through the whole teeth aligning process where up until today she would have needed a new one for each new stage.

Scope of the project was to design a logo that reflected the unique qualities of the product: simple, modularhi-tech. From there the idea of designing a custom typeface where simple shapes are juxtaposed in a modular way to reveal the characters.

In the first meetings with Felice I was afraid of not knowing how to communicate my requests. Felice succeeds in understanding the thought of the interlocutor and giving form to the abstract.

I am very satisfied with the final result, a logo that summarizes an absolutely new product, with a direct, intuitive, quick, essential and brilliant message.”

Antonio Nappo

CEO @ 3DO Srl