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  • Web design

Cedowin Productions is a Cedowin Inc. child company. It is a small and ambitious video production company based in Saratoga Springs, New York helping local businesses connect with their audiences through video. Excellent customer service, diligent dedication, friendly culture, superior quality and exeptional story-telling skills are the qualities that set them apart from the competition.

The goal was to design a vibrant, energetic logo that could represent all this while allowing space for the ambitious long term plans of the company.

Cedowin Productions main objective is to inspire and create meaningful experiences. The logo I have designed for them reflects that through the vibrant color scheme and the simple shapes that compose it.

Cedowin, as you might have guessed by now is the phonetic equivalent of see+do+win as in “see the goal”, “do the work”, and “win”. We felt it was important to somehow bring that 3 word mantra into the brand identity itself. The creative efforts resulted in a simple yet powerful mark that represents a skipping stone jumping three times on water (who knows how far it will go?) or a bokeh effect on a recording camera lens. Symple yet vibrant, dynamic and with an  interesting story to tell the Cedowin Productions logo perfectly embodies the soul of the brand.

I equipped the brand with an extended color palette, a stationary series, social media profiles assets and a simple website design laying out the best practices in a brand manual flexible enough to allow for growth and expansion and detailed enough to keep the chances of messing up to a minimum.

“If you have an opportunity to hire Felice, don’t delay! He laid out his plan immediately. He communicated it well. He spent time finding out my requirements, and trying out options to meet those requirements. I always knew what he was doing and where he was heading.

He has great ideas, but is open to feedback and changes. He was always well prepared, kept me informed, met his timelines, and delivered what he said and more. My best experience on Upwork. In fact, I’ve started up another project with him and am still working with him.”

David Bishop

CEO/Director @ Cedowin Productions