• Logo design
  • Brand identity design

An ideas company is an interdisciplinary group of companies focused on media, products and the future of work. Amidst a sea of competitors they shine because they care, they’re smarter, more experienced, better connected and their vision and objectives go beyond mere transactions.

The company needed a sophisticated identity that could embody their unique approach, the everchanging nature of the industries it plays in and the endless opportunities they are able to create for their clients.

The new An Ideas Co. logo is composed of 3 main elements: the head, the heart, the foot. The head and foot can move around the heart to adapt to their surroundings or to reach out for unexplored corners. The logo movement originates 25 different arrangements of the elements composing it creating in fact 25 different logos which can be used to express different feelings or reach different communication objectives.

“Felice did a fantastic job! He was extremely thoughtful and creative, taking time to understand what we were looking for with our logo and branding and turned our abstract ideas into a tangible concept that surpassed our expectations. I’d highly recommend Felice for branding/logo design and we will re-hire him for any relevant projects in the future.”

Morgan Moody

Manager, Media & Development @ An ideas co.